Always Plotting Something…

Apr 29, 2024

Waves in blue and green

A gentle flow field crossed by traces from the left and right edge, with different mixtures of blue, purple, and yellow ink to create shades of turquoise.

~1h drawing time
A4 210x297mm white bristol paper
Fountain pen ink (the dominant green from mixing yellow and blue in the pen, with regular dips in a mix of blue and purple for the darker shades

Made a few attempts at this in different sizes, papers, and ink mixtures that did not turn out as well for one reason or another: in one the pen lift mechanism stalled after over an hour of drawing to cross out the drawing, classic; in another it basically all turned out purple as I programmed too many dip patterns; in the first test the lines were too dense and the ink formed little pools on the paper) -- but I do enjoy how that makes the final output even more unpredictable than just from programming with different random seeds, flow field frequencies, and line densities.

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1 month ago