Always Plotting Something…


  • wFf7JnHVPb

    1 year ago

    "Water" for #plotparty day 4.

  • ARsZ1HQ6Dp

    1 year ago

    "Symmetry" for #plotparty day 3

  • KA5pQHOhpN

    1 year ago

    Neon lights city - not on paper.

  • mlxX3HqLAK

    1 year ago

    "Portrait" for day 1 of #plotparty.

  • q03019d46W

    1 year ago

    Sail boats

  • 1 year ago

    Randomly morphed tesselated sphere-based shapes, serving as source material for the pen plot in my previous post.

  • Q8AY4fQub9

    1 year ago

    More colourful shaded shapes. Are they crystals? Asteroids? Rocks? Fossils? I don't know -- I was going for icebergs... that one will need a bit more work.

  • M3ncyRCnTk

    1 year ago

    Flat shading + triangle filling for spheres of varying detail and with different pens.

  • uE2RYFqCLp

    1 year ago

    Trying different pens for triangle filling for a future shading project idea.

  • CvS3rZpQwS

    1 year ago

    Another kind of self portrait - the schematic for the RAMPS circuit board powering my plotter. Impressed by the detail but even with a 0.25mm line a bit too small to read some of the pin labels.